unna5medReligious Education Classes are having a summer vacation and will resume again in the fall. Children of all ages are always welcome to attend the service in the sanctuary. Chalice bags are available in the foyer for anyone of any age who is better able to participate in a Sunday service while keeping their hands busy.  Look for the special bags for those under age 3.

Summer Sunday Childcare is also available downstairs for those up to age 10.

The Nursery is a safe and fun place for our youngest members and visitors.  We maintain a staff of trained, consistent, and popular sitters.  Babies and Children are lovingly cared for each Sunday morning from 10:25 to noon.  Our youngest participants will have age-appropriate activities, art projects, songs, and snack while forming their first community at UUSO.unname3d

Religious Education begins at Kindergarten.  In RE classes children and youth can be part of a supportive, questioning, open-minded, justice seeking community of friends that can prop them up in ways which are not found anywhere else in their lives.  The curricula are popular, dynamic, and fun.  Please encourage RE participants to come to church as often as they can.   The more they attend, the more they will benefit from the RE Program!  All religious education programs end at noon.  Whether coming to RE for the first time, once every so often, or for every possible class, everyone is always welcome here!

Where do I go on a Sunday Morning?  Check the glass message board in the entry of Chapin Memorial to see how RE participants will begin their day.  It will most often be one of the following:  Start Together, Stay Together, or an RE Worship Service. This information will also be listed in your order of service.

unname4d“Start Together” Sundays:    Most Sundays are “Start Together” Sundays.  On these Sundays children begin their day at 10:30 in the sanctuary sitting with their families.   They are invited to participate in a part of the service called “Time for All Ages” – usually a short story or discussion held at the front of the sanctuary.  You are welcome to accompany your child to the front if it would help him or her feel more comfortable.  After “Time for All Ages,” teachers walk the children to their classrooms.

“Stay Together” Sundays:  “Stay Together” means that there are no classes and children will remain with their families for an Intergenerational Service.  These services are crafted to be meaningful for all ages.  There are “Chalice Bags” in the foyer of the church for those who are able to have a fuller experience if they keep their hands busy.  Look for a “Nursery Chalice” bag if your child is under three years old.  People of all ages have been known to use Chalice Bags!

Religious Education Worship Services:

Children’s Worship:  Children from Kindergarten through Sixth Grade begin their day at 10:30 in the double classroom downstairs at our church.  Director of Religious Education Susan Ryder leads services that incorporate elements of adult worship services such as chalice lighting, singing, joys and sorrows, and exploring a theme.  The service is followed by a snack, games, and activities that relate to the worship service.  We sometimes use the beautiful backyard at the nearby Olympia Brown house such as when we build a Sukkah or dance around a Maypole.

Youth Worship:  These services are led by Youth participants who take turns choosing readings and topics.



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