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About our Committees and Teams
Most of our committees and teams meet monthly and welcome new members. If you are interested in joining a committee, team, or task force, or sitting in on a meeting, please contact the UUSO office at 607-432-3491 or If you have an issue you would like to see addressed at a particular meeting, please contact the Board Liaison, Team Leader or Chairperson for that committee or team.

Please note: This page is updated as committees and teams report changes.

Aesthetics Committee

Board Liaison: Rosemary Summers
Chair:  Kathy Paranya

The Aesthetics Committee makes recommendations to the Board related to the furnishings and décor that consider the nature of each space, such as historical context and function.

Audio Team

Chair: Kathy Paranya

The Audio Team is responsible for set up and operation of the sound system for Sunday services. The committee also records services for archival purposes and the production of podcasts. On occasion, the members of the committee are called upon to provide technical support for other events sponsored by UUSO. The team provides technical support for Zoom services.

Bylaws Committee

Board Liaison: Zanna McKay
Chair:  Mary Ruoff

The Bylaws Committee, consisting of the Moderator and the two previous Moderators, is responsible for reviewing the Bylaws and for bringing proposed revisions to the congregation for a vote at the Congregational Meeting in June.

Caring Circle Team

Leader: Kari Reynolds

Caring for one another is a core spiritual practice for Unitarian Universalists. The Caring Circle Team serves our UUSO ministry through pastoral care of congregants in coordination with the minister.

Connections Team

Leader:  Karen Palmer

The Connections Team is responsible for warmly welcoming newcomers and supporting them as they explore connections with the people and activities of UUSO. The team hosts a variety of social gatherings and the “Getting to Know UU” classes, as well as recognizing and honoring New Members on New Member Sunday each year.

Endowment Committee

Board Liaison:  Ben Friedell
Chair:  Karen Palmer

The Endowment Committee is charged with stewardship of the Community Fund and the development of the Endowment Fund, including both the raising of funds, and the disbursement of funds.

Finance Committee

Board Liaison: Alan Zimmerman
Treasurer: Alan Zimmerman
Co-Chairs: Laura Reyda & Jendy Murphy

The Finance Committee oversees all UUSO finances, with the exception of the funds managed by the Endowment Committee, and assures that best practices are followed. The Committee is responsible for preparing the annual budget for the congregational meeting.

Fun Team

Co-Leaders: Julian Pecenco and Leah Bridgers

The Fun Team coordinates the annual Thanksgiving Dinner and Holiday Workshop, as well as other UUSO festivities.

Green Sanctuary Task Force

Team Leader: Karen Palmer

The Green Sanctuary Task Force facilitates the steps that UUSO is taking to become a UUA accredited Green Sanctuary. This represents a pursuit of excellence in stewardship of our Earth’s precious resources.


Historian:  Bob Brzozowski

The UUSO historian handles all matters pertaining to UUSO’s history – that of the Society itself, including the architectural history of the Chapin Memorial Sanctuary, which is on the National Registry of Historic Places, and that of the Society’s history in the larger Oneonta community.

Mali Education Project

Leader: Susan Ryder                                                                                                                                                                  Sponsorship Coordinator: Shirley Ferguson

The Mission of the Mali Education project is to partner with Youchaou’s School in Mali to support education for children and to promote intercultural growth for ourselves and our communities.

Memorial Committee

Board Liaison: Rosalind Thomas
Chair:  Arleen Benedict

The mission of the Memorial Program is to provide a plaque and a book of records to honor and remember UUSO members and friends who have died; to support the Ruth Achenbach Garden, which provides a safe and peaceful place for cremains to be scattered or interred; and to bring comfort to those who mourn.

Committee on Ministry

Members: Laura Reyda, Sue Cotter, Judy Tator

The Committee on Ministry works with the minister to monitor the ministries of UUSO and encourage right relationships within the UUSO community.

Nominating Committee

Members:  Kari Reynolds, Susan Ryder, and Justine Roefs

The Nominating Committee recruits and nominates able people for leadership positions in our Unitarian Universalist congregation in order to uphold and foster UUSO values both within our Unitarian Universalist congregation and in the community at large. Leadership positions include members of the Board of Trustees, the Endowment Committee, the new Nominating Committee, and the Moderator, all of which are voted on at the Annual Meeting in May.

Personnel Committee

Primary Contact & Board Liaison:  Amy Forster Rothbart; Kathy Shimberg; Rosemary Summers

The Personnel Committee exists to monitor and maintain the personnel policies and procedures of the congregation.  The committee provides administrative accountability for the minister in his/her/their role as staff supervisor and works to ensure compliance with all relevant employment laws and guidelines.

Properties Committee

Board Liaison:  Rosemary Summers
Chair: Paul Agoglia

The Properties Committee is in charge of everything related to the upkeep of our two buildings, the Chapin Memorial church at 12 Ford Avenue and our recently acquired house next door at 10 Ford Avenue, including the grounds.

Religious Education Committee

Board Liaison: Elayne Mosher Campoli

The Religious Education Committee manages all aspects of religious education for children, youth, and adults.

Safety Committee

Board Liaison: To be determined

Chair: Rosemary Summers

Social Action Team

Facilitator: Karen Palmer

The Social Action Team provides information regarding social justice issues, with opportunities to work on these issues through financial contributions and gifts of personal time and effort. The team aims to connect, communicate with, and support social, economic and environmental justice groups.

Stewardship Committee

Board Liaison:  Kate Seeley
Chair: To be determined

The Stewardship Committee develops financial resources for the current and future needs of the UUSO with integrity and with an awareness of the joy inherent in cultivating generosity as a spiritual virtue. The Committee is responsible for coordinating all fundraising activities and the annual pledge campaign.

Fundraising Subcommittees:
  • Auction:  To be determined
  • Book Sale:  Deb Bruce, chair
  • Cookies and Crafts: Rhiannon Ham & Justine Roefs, co-chairs
  • Plant Sale:  Julia Gregory, chair
Worship Team

Board Liaison: Katy Bridgers

The Worship Team meets quarterly to coordinate all aspects of the Sunday worship services (scheduling, music, theme, and other matters) as well as other regularly occurring worship gatherings and special services.  The team is made up of the Minister, Pulpit Guest Coordinator, Music Director, Worship Musician, Music Volunteer Coordinator, Worship Associate Coordinator, and Audio/Video Team Coordinator.