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UUSO Policies


Building Use Policies

Animal Policy, reviewed 9/22/21

Building Use & Rental Policy, revised 8/31/21

Key Use Policy, reviewed 8/25/21

Projector and Media Laptop Usage Policy, reviewed 5/26/21

Rental Agreement, revised 8/31/21


Communications Policies

Bulletin Board Policy, revised 9/21/16

Channels of Communication Guide, approved 1/13/22

Data Privacy Policy, reviewed 5/26/21

Multi-Directional Communication Guidelines, approved 1/13/22

Newsletter Advertising Policy, reviewed 5/26/21

Partisan Politics Policy, reviewed 9/22/21

Public Relations Policy, approved 5/26/21

Social Media Policy, reviewed 6/23/21


Financial Management Policies

Confidentiality Agreement for Volunteers, revised 8/31/21

Endowment Policies and Procedures, revised 3/1/2015 – This policy is under review.

Fundraising Policy, approved 6/22/22

Pay For Officer Duties, reviewed 5/26/21

PCI Compliance Policy, reviewed 5/26/21

Year-End Appeal Purpose and Procedure, adopted 8/5/22


Membership Policies

Conflict Management & Disruptive Behavior Policy, reviewed 6/23/21

Membership Affirmation Process, reviewed 5/26/21

Membership Review and Termination Process, reviewed 5/26/21


Miscellaneous Policies

Memorial Garden, Plaque, and Records Policy, revised 2/15/17

Mali Education Project Fund, approved 2/26/2020


Personnel Policies

UUSO Employee Handbook and Sexual Harassment Policy, January 2023